Warsaw – Jaskinia Solna Bemowo

Salt Grottos at the Sea Cosmetics Center

Now you can take a full breath. Indulge yourself in the sea microclimate in the city of Warsaw. A salt grotto is a unique place with a fable-like interior that does wonders not only for your body, but your psyche too. Two cozy salt grottos at the Denique Sea Cosmetics Center will guarantee our customers not only a bit of relax and relief, but will also be good for their general health.

Our grottos strengthen your immune system, aid in curing many ailments, as well as ease off the negative effects of stress and tension. Our salt grottos have been arranged in such a way to be an ideal place for kids to play at. The air full of iodine positively affects the youngsters’ health during their playtime.

Imagine a place that looks like the palace from Hans Christian Andersen’s fables… Walls, ceiling, and floor covered with so many salt crystals that the air simply vibrates, being so strongly saturated with the healthful iodine particles, all of it complemented by relaxation music coming to your ears.

Gift Vouchers

– Give the ones you care for a gift voucher for any cosmetic treatment, or to buy the cosmetics they wish for, that they can redeem at the Denique Beauty Saloons, or at the online store at www.denique.com.pl

Available Vouchers:

  • 50 Polish Zloty
  • 100 Polish Zloty
  • 500 Polish Zloty

*Validity Time Period: 6 months from the date of purchase
*When paying with the voucher, the difference can be settled using any form of payment

Iga Bik
Manager Denique Jaskinia Solna Bemowo

Salon Jaskinie Solne: Warsaw
ul. Wrocławska 21a,
tel: 22 638 57 84,

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday: 9-21,
Saturday: 9-20,
Sunday: 9-18