Headline Perm

A hairdressing treatment that softens your hair, makes it easier to stylize it, extends its permanence, and increases its volume.
Headline Perm increase the volume of the hair overall. The hair becomes easy to stylize, and its cut remains unchanged for a long time.

Treatment description:

In the first stage, we wash the hair using a hair washing shampoo, and use no revitalization products, drying the hair up with a towel right after. Next, we roll up the hair on the right rolls (thick rolls are the best), and pour it over with the right amount of fluid for thin and colorized hair (stronger fluid). We leave the fluid on the hair for about 15 minutes. Next, we pour the hair over with warm water, in order to wash off the fluid, wrapping the hair up with a towel for about 10 minutes. Afterwards, we apply the fixative for another 10 minutes. Finally, we apply the revitalizer, cut off the hair tips, and dress the hair.

Time: About 1h

Products used during the treatment:

(cleaning shampoo, pieces of paper to cover up the hair tips, rolls, fluid, fixative, revitalizers)

Beata Akonon
hairdresser – stylist, Salon Piękności CH Bemowo

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The service is available in Salons:

Warsaw: Salon CH Arkadia, Salon CH Bemowo, Salon CH Janki, Salon CH Targówek, Salon CH Wileńska,  Centrum Kosmetyki Morskiej, Salon Mokotów
Wroclaw: Salon CH Magnolia, Salon Pasaż Grunwaldzki