Permanent Make-Up

A permanent make-up is an alternative to the traditional make-up. The permanent make-up helps to correct the outline of the lip, enhances them and enlarges their contour, and fills them up with any color the customer desires. You can also correct your eye-brows, apply lines on your eye-lids, and enhance the outline of your eye lashes. By means of this method, non-toxic, non-allergic, natural pigments are inserted into the space between the epidermis cells, and remain for 3 to 5 years. The permanent make-up can be applied to any type of skin, both in women and men.

The permanent make-up is especially recommended to:

– those with thin, irregular, or asymmetrical eye-brows
– those with very light or no eye-brows
– those with little eyes, or eyes with dropping corners
– those with a very light outline of the eye lashes, or with no eye lashes
– those with pale and irregular lips
– those with narrow lips, and lips with no contour
– athletes, and those who like to be physically active
– those who wear glasses or eye lenses
– those who want to look fresh without using a lipstick or lipliner
– those who want to look prettier and enhance their natural beauty
– those who want to feel better in general

You should remember that the permanent make-up is a base make-up. It will naturally enhance the natural beauty of your face, or make some corrections. You can put a usual make-up onto the permanent make-up, using colorful cosmetics.

Prior to the treatment:

I have an individual approach to every customer, and that is why I propose an individual consultation prior to every micropigmentation treatment. During the consultation, I provide all the necessary information related to the treatment, select the right colors, and make an appointment with the customer. Coming for the consultation, you can take your favorite lipsticks, lipliners, browliners, and eyeliners with you. I will do my best to select a color that matches your favorite color most.

Contraindications to the treatment:

– pregnancy,
– blood disease (Hemophilia),
– active herpes,
– advanced diabetes, psoriasis, eye-ball diseases,
– arterial hypertension, increased body temperature,
– syringed lips (6 months prior to the treatment),
– patients in the process of a cancer treatment,
– patients with HIV or Hepatitis

Treatment session time:

A well carried out treatment needs time. A longer time of the treatment is an indication of gentleness and diligence. Pigmentation takes about 1.5 to 2h, and together with making the drawing and administering anaesthetization, the whole process can take up to 3h.

After the treatment:

After the treatment, the make-up is more intense, and some time after the treatment the make-up will pale out, which is related to the cell regeneration process (along with the peeling off of the epidermis, part of the permanent make-up gets peeled off too). After the treatment, you cannot moisturize the permanent make-up until your face gets healed fully, scratch off the scabs appearing during the healing process, sun bathe or go the sauna.

In case of lip pigmentation in patients who have frequently recurrent lip colds, it is advised to intake Heviran 400 mg pills for 7 to 10 days, seeing the doctor’s first.

Ewa Jóźko
Manager, Salon Piękności Denique CH Arkadia

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