INOA Colorization

INOA Colorization

cennik 02INOA Colorization from L’Oréal Professionnale is ammoniac-free, which means it has no bad smell. It highlights the hair color up to 3 color tones higher, colorizes all the gray hair, offers all colors that you could imagine, and, what is most important, thanks to its revolutionary technology, it also exhibits care properties. The secret of the INOA colorization lays in the ODS (Oil Delivery System) technology. Just as traditional colorizations are water-based, in case of the INOA colorization water has been replaced with oil, and ammoniac has been replaced with a scentless substance called MEA. The technology used allows for exceptional care of the hair fiber, and provides optimal care for the skin on your head (the sensation of stinging and itching has been eliminated). INOA colorization can be applied at our saloons, as it is impossible to carry out the colorization back at home due to the non-standard application manner and the ingredients of the blend. INOA colorization makes your hair healthy and shiny-colored. The pigment color is washed off the standard way.Advantages of the INOA colorization:

– it is possible to colorize your hair with any color you wish
– it is possible to watch how the blend is composed
– it has no bad smell
– quick application of the blend, from the hair base to its tip
– optimal comfort of the head skin
– the hair remains as smooth as it was before the colorization
– unlimited color palette
– it perfectly colorizes all the gray hair
– it provides deep and vibrant colors
Ewa Jóźko
Manager Salonu Piękności CH Arkadia

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The service is available in Salons:
Warsaw: Salon CH Arkadia, Salon CH Bemowo, Salon CH Janki, Salon CH Targówek, Salon CH Wileńska, Centrum Kosmetyki Morskiej, Salon Mokotów

Wroclaw: Salon CH Magnolia, Salon Pasaż Grunwaldzki