Photorejuvenation is one of the breakthrough achievements in cosmetology and cosmetic medicine. The treatment rejuvenates your skin by the use of the IPL light which stimulates the dermis cells, fibroblasts to produce collagen. The IPL light shortens and reconstructs the collagen fibers.

Photorejuvenation is performed once a week. One series consists of 4 to 6 treatments which visibly change the quality of your skin. Each treatment is performed at a different depth level of the skin. This kind of approach ensures the full effectiveness of the treatment at the end of all the series. The results can be noticed after the first treatment already. The IPL light emitted during the photorejuvenation treatments removes all the undesired skin changes caused by the sunlight, wind, frost, and time passing by.

IPL Light Treatment Benefits:

– significantly shallower wrinkles
– skin elasticity and suppleness improvement
– reduction of the too widely open skin pores
– reduction of grease secretion in case of a greasy complexion
– liquidation of liver spots and age spots
– reduction of ruptured and dilated blood vessels
Although it is guaranteed that the light emitted by the laser is safe, there are certain contraindications to not undergoing the treatment:
– pregnancy and breast feeding
– severe skin inflammations
– epidermis continuity disruption
– allergic reactions
– albinism/vitiligo of the skin area that is to be treated
– epilepsy
– hormone disorders
– retinoidal (retinoid – a vitamin A derivative) treatment within the last 6 months
– photosensitizing medicine or herb use, i.e. cytotoxic tetracycline antibiotics
– herbs, such as hypericum and calendula, within the last 6 weeks
– skin over-sensitivity to light (porphyria, polymorphous light dermatosis, lupus erythematosus, somar urticaria)
– discoloration susceptibility
– herpes
– past and present skin tumors
– radiotherapy or chemotherapy session within the last 3 months
– active implants, such as pacemaker or insulin pump
– steroid treatment within the last 3 months
– cosmetic fillers

After a series of IPL treatments, your skin becomes visibly younger. You can feel your skin being much better after the very first treatment session. Photorejuvenation can be performed on your face, body, on the palms of your hands, on your thighs, arms, and stomach. After the treatment, your skin can become swollen, reddened, and it can also scale off a few days after the treatment. A side effect of the photorejuvenation treatment is dried skin, and that is why it is advised to pay attention to keeping your skin moisturized between individual sessions.

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