Hyaluronic Acid Biorevitalization

Electrostimulation is the new method of shaping your silhouette and face oval. It is performed using the Vip Body System appliance with modules flashed with special programs for making your face and body slimmer and suppler, performing lymphatic drainage, and strengthening your muscles. A 30-minute treatment is equal to a 3h workout at the gym! The treatments should be performed 2 times a week, 10 series each, and in order to sustain the positive results, the customer should have one treatment a month.

The programs are tailored to individual customer’s needs and expectations. Treatment indications:

– cellulite prevention and reduction
– general or localized over-weight reduction
– precise silhouette shaping
– lifting and correction of the shape of breasts, buttocks and stomach
– slack body parts suppling
– suppling and strengthening muscles of the whole body
– physiological removal of the water edema (lymphatic and vein drainage)
– prevention of issues related to bad circulation
Facial treatment indications:
– wrinkle reduction and prevention
– nasal-labial shallowing
– slack reduction
– correction of the oval shape of the face
– double chin reduction
– skin elasticity and tautness improvement
– suppling and strengthening of the facial muscles
– physiological removal of the water edemas (swelling under the eyes)

Electrostimulation programs:

VIP Microgei – Facial Muscle Gymnastics

The treatment involves low-frequency and low-ampere level electric impulses in order to revitalize and supple the skin. The positive result of the treatment is wrinkle and slack skin reduction, improvement of the shape oval and skin tautness, as well as revitalization and strengthening of the surface tissues of the epidermis, dermis, and facial muscle strata.

VIP Transion – Weight-Loss Treatment

A technology that allows for making the body slimmer, harmonious silhouette shaping, and cellulite reduction. The muscular physical effort activates the metabolic procession mechanism, in turn causing an instant burn of carbohydrates, and activation of the lipolysis mechanism, i.e. fat decomposition.

VIP Isogei – Suppling Treatment

Intense isometric gymnastics which shapes the silhouette, tones up and strengthens muscles, and gives your body some strong lifting. What makes it different from other, simple electrostimulators is that it warms up separate muscles individually, and that it performs a warm up and workout of your muscles simultaneously, mimicking the normal physical workout. The treatment improves your blood circulation and oxygenizes your body tissues, in turn accelerating your cell renewal and purifying your skin, making it shiny and solid. The treatment gives tremendous results in case of slack breasts, thighs, buttocks, stomach, and arms.
VIP Lymphatic Drainage
It supports the physiological edema removal, and prevents the issues caused by the bad blood and lymph circulation.

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Monika Jakubiak,
Cosmetologist in Salon Piękności CH Janki

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