Traditional face cleansing

The manual face cleansing treatment is good for all kinds of skin that require cleansing. The treatment is recommended especially for skin complexions suffering from efflorescence, i.e. open blackheads, closed blackheads, and milia. Skin impurity removal is the essential element of due skin care. The result of this treatment is the removal of the horny layer, skin contamination, regulation of the sebaceous glands work, better active substance absorption. The skin becomes brimming and is in a better condition.

What the treatment looks like:

At first, the make-up is precisely removed both from the facial and neck area. All the cosmetics used during this treatment are selected to match the needs of the particular skin complexion. In the next step, a particular peeling method, taking under consideration the particular customer’s skin type, is performed. After the horny layer is peeled off, a pre-cleansing mask is applied, and vapozone softens up the facial skin. The softening stage takes about 20 minutes, and is meant to make the skin cleansing stage easier. After the precise, manual skin cleansing, we cleanse the skin with hydrogen peroxide, and apply both the individually selected vial and mask (the masks available are skin moisturizing mask, anti-acne skin mask, and couperose skin mask). Pore mitigation and enclosure takes about 20 minutes. The final stage considers skin disinfection by using the d’Arsonwala electric impulses, and application of a special cream used at the very end of the treatment session.

Time: 90 minutes

Magda Borysiuk
Cosmetologist Salon Piękności CH Bemowo

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The service is available in Salons:
Warsaw: Salon CH Bemowo, Centrum Kosmetyki Morskiej, Salon CH Janki, Salon CH Wileńska, Salon CH Targówek, Salon Mokotów
Wroclaw: Salon CH Magnolia