Needleless Mesotherapy

Needleless mesotherapy – developed by BODY HEALTH® – is a technique that employs the use of electric current of due frequency and electromagnetic waves of short impulses and a high rate (electroporation + electrophoresis) for the insertion of active substances into the dermis layers. The treatment doesn’t cause any pain, hematomas, or other kinds of injury. As a result, the active substance permeating the skin get absorbed, bringing the effects desired. In order to make the treatment sessions more efficient, BODY HEALTH® laboratory has developed a line of cosmetics to be used during the virtual mesotherapy treatment:

– Anticellulite cocktail for the body
– Cocktail strengthening the blood vessels
– Body suppling cocktail
– Antiwrinkling cocktail
– Whitening cocktail

What the treatment looks like:

During the treatment session, we use two, special ROLL-ON appliers for body and face. Using the said appliers during the massage, we insert the active substances into the deeper skin layers.

What it does:

– makes the wrinkles more shallow
– lifts the oval shape of the face
– strengthens the walls of the capillary vessels
– unifies the skin tone
– whitens discolorations
– makes scars smoother

Time: About 90 minutes

Magda Skwarek
Cosmetologist, Salonu Piękności CH Bemowo

The service is available in Salons:
Warsaw: Salon CH Bemowo, Salon Mokotów