Corundum Microdermabrasion

Corundum Microdermabrasion

Corundum microdermabrasion is a treatment in which corundum crystals (aluminum oxide) are used, in order to abrade off dead skin cells. The treatment results are noticeable after the very first treatment session. Due to the intensified synthesis of collagen and elastin, you can notice a thicker epidermis. The skin complexion becomes rejuvenated, cleansed, and the ostia of the sebaceous glands become narrower.

Indications for the treatment:

The treatment is recommended to customers suffering from significant skin discolorations, with considerably opened pores. After the treatment session, you can experience some skin redness and stinging that subside after 2 days from the session.

A combination of dermabrasion with Mandelic acid exfoliation gives tremendous results. It is an ideal combination, which gives quicker results in case of scars and discolorations.

It is recommended to undergo the treatment in series of 4 to 10 repetitions, taking breaks of 7 to 10 days between each repetition.
1 session takes about 1h.

Monika Jakubiak
Cosmetologist, Salon Piękności Denique CH Janki

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The service is available in Salons:
Warsaw: Salon CH Bemowo, Salon CH Janki, Centrum Kosmetyki Morskiej, Salon Mokotów