Hair Care



The OLAPLEX hair care system can be used during the colorization, decolorization, sombre, or ombre treatment, or as a separate revitalization treatment. Olaplex has been developed in order to regenerate the disulfide bonds that become damaged or broken during chemical treatments, such as colorization, highlighting, due to high temperatures, or mechanical damage. The patent-protected Olaplex formula rebuilds broken disulfide bonds of the hair, makes them regenerated, soft, smooth, and perfectly shiny after the very first treatment session.




The Olaplex system radically changes your hair color, leaving your hair in a perfect condition. Thanks to the Olaplex treatment, a famous celebrity, Kim Kardashian, changed her hair color, without causing any damage to her hair structure. In order to sustain the positive results, Hair Perfector No. 3 has been developed, which is used between treatment sessions back at home, available to buy at our saloons for 150 Polish Zloty. The regeneration treatment costs 168 Polish Zloty. All the Olaplex products are silicone-, sulfate-, phthalate-, DEA-, aldehyde-, and gluten-free, and have never been animal-tested.