Straightening / the Global Keratin therapy

The Global Keratin therapy is a keratin-based treatment, which straightens the hair the natural way, using no chemicals. The revitalizing properties of the treatment transformer the hair, and make it shiny. This incredible therapy has been developed for those whose hair is rolled up, twined, and damaged. Through the insertion of keratin deep into the coating of the hair, Global Keratin influences the natural hair components, providing a dazzling gloss, beautiful smoothness, and a healthy, easily manageable hair style.
Anyone can profit from the Global Keratin therapy, even those whose hair has been subjected to too many processes and damaged by chemicals.
The Global Keratin therapy, developed in the U.S., is gentle for the hair, improves its condition, and rebuilds its stamina, so that it becomes stronger and elastic. What’s more, the therapy makes the hair resistant to weather conditions, getting blown around by wind, and protects it against humidity. When your hair is wonderful, shiny, and easy to stylize, it takes much less time to stylize it! The Global Keratin therapy is cheaper than needing to constantly straighten your hair, it is not permanent, and can be washed off any time. One Global Keratin therapy can be applied parallel after the previous one, improving your hair condition on each application. The therapy makes your hair look very natural. Your hair doesn’t get straight and stiff, like after a regular therapy, but remain thick and springy, even up to 4 months!
Global Keratin eliminates not so attractive hair twining and maximizes its gloss, at the same time revitalizing it and improving its condition. Your hair will be soft and smooth, and the dazzling results will be noticeable right after application. You will have no more trouble with stylizing your hair!

Tru-Keratin Professional Therapy
Juvexin is a product that has been patent-protected in America and all around the world for over 50 years. Juvexin is applied in its raw, natural state, so as not to damage the vital ammoniac and proteins. Juvexin is suitable to all kinds of hair, making them easier to stylize, soft, shiny, and smooth. The hair doesn’t curl up even up to 5 months, so that there is no need for any hair straightening treatments. The hair smoothening Global Keratin system contains Juvexin, and is the only protein-based product, which scientifically proven results are reflected in the hair quality, and in the young hair looks restored. Juvexin contains an optimized dosage of numerous proteins, present in the world-wide available Global Keratin product line only.
The Global Keratin system smoothens the hair and restores their young looks through repairing of the damaged hair, and through providing long-term revitalization and protection. Clinic tests have proven that the protective layer created around every single hair preserves their natural properties, rebuilding them both on the inside and outside. What’s more, Global Keratin System provides protection against the UV radiation, chemical treatments, and the aging process, as well as daily washing and stylization.
In contrary to other systems containing keratin, Juvexin does not hydrlolize. Clinic tests have shown that the hydrolysis process poses a negative effect on the proteins of keratin, making them inactive, debilitating their ability to bind with hair effectively. The result of the above, is no rejuvenating effects.

Before & After:
Global Keratin is an innovative process that completely transforms your hair. All thanks to keratin, which is the mail proteinaceous component of skin, hair, and fingernails.
This natural substance makes hair revert to its natural, healthy condition – as a result, the hair becomes shiny and revitalized. The results are noticeable right after the application of the Global Keratin therapy – the hair becomes healthy and looks rejuvenated.
The least reaction of our customers after the treatment, is astonishment. Keratin coating is the outer layer of the hair root, which is built of over-laying, transparent keratin cells. The layer works like protective scales, doing a positive job for the smoothness and shiness of your hair.
The coating can become damaged as a result of chemical reactions, excessive exposure to sunlight (UV rays), using a too hot blow-dryer, too aggressive combing and brushing, chlorinated pool water, etc. Forget about the before. Welcome to the after. The revolutionary, keratin-based, smoothing and straightening therapy that will make your head dizzy.

Ewa Jóźko
Manager Salonu Piękności CH Arkadia

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