Clarena Treatments

Clarena Cleansing Treatments for the greasy and acne-susceptible skin

A special treatment for both the greasy and mixed skin susceptible to acne. The Clarene Cleansing Treatment exhibits cleansing and normalizing properties. It clears the couperose skin. After the treatment, the skin complexion is cleansed off the sebum excess, matted, and cleared. The active components of the preparations make you feel fresh for a long time.

Clarena Repairment-Mitigation Treatment with vitamin C

It is a gentle-preparation-based-treatment for either a couperose or allergic skin, or one that is affected by the Rosacea type acne. The treatment makes the couperose much less visible, strengthens, and moisturizes the skin. Ideal after the manual cleansing, microdermabrasion, or acid-based treatments. The treatment gives a feeling of relief, strengthens the capillary vessels, and moisturizes and clears the irritated complexion. The treatment rebuilds the hydrolipidic coating.

Clarena Normalizing Treatment for greasy and acne skins
the treatment provides an effective and long-lasting normalization for greasy, acne, or mixed skins. The treatment is recommended for skins that are impure or susceptible to purulent conditions. It alleviates the current, and prevents future inflammations, cleanses and makes the skin matte for a long period of time, and accelerates both the regeneration and granulation of the epidermis, regulates the work of the sebaceous glands, visibly narrows down the skin pores, prevents the formation of blackheads and inflammations, improves the skin moisturization and tone.

Clarene Mandelic Acid Treatment

The treatment combines a gentle, non-irritant exfoliation with a stimulation of long-lasting skin revitalizing and rejuvenating processes. The active substances gently peel off the skin, balances the skin tone, as well as smoothens its structure and makes the wrinkles shallower. The treatment is recommended as a biolifting that stimulates the oxygenation and taunting of a mature skin complexion suffering from the loss of elasticity. The result of looks correction and skin whitening is noticeably shortly after the treatment. What you gain from this treatment, is the noticeable skin density improvement, smoothened irregularities, increased moisturization, and greater vitality.

Anna Płatkowska
Cosmetologist, Salon Piękności Denique CH Targówek

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