Radio waves

Radio wave treatments heat up skin layers by means of currents of the radial frequency. The radio waves used permeate your skin 2cm deep, heating up the fat cells and collagen fibers. The radio waves used cause a collagen stimulation, lymphatic drainage acceleration, toxin elimination. Heating of the collagen fibers causes them to cramp and taunt, which in turn initiates the regeneration process. Moreover, radio waves stimulate the fibroblasts to self-rebuild and produce collagen and elastin, in turn filling up the wrinkles. The final result is a denser, more elastic, and taunted skin as well as a better oval shape of the face, and skin color.

Indications for the treatment:

– wrinkle elimination
– improvement of the cheek skin tautness, and of the oval shape of the face
– slack chin constriction
– nasal-labial fold mitigation
– lifting of the slacking, upper eye-lid
– scar shallowing
– skin structure suppling
– collagen reconstruction

The customer can feel a heating sensation during the treatment. The spherical, wave emitting head is glid over the skin. The treatment causes no side effects, the skin remains undamaged, and it can be slightly reddened only. In most cases, the radio wave use results can be noticed after the very first treatment session. For long-lasting results, it is recommended to undergo from 5 to 8 treatment series once a week.

Monika Jakubiak
Cosmetologist, Salon Piękości Denique CH Janki

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The service is available in Salons:

Warsaw: Centrum Kosmetyki Morskiej, Salon CH Janki, Salon CH Targowek, Salon Mokotów