Hyaluronic Acid Biorevitalization

Hyaluronic Acid Biorevitalization

The treatment involves a syringe use. During the treatment, we administer the unmodified, multi-particle hyaluronic acid (the particles of this hyaluronic acid are much bigger than in case of the needle mesotherapy treatment). Biorevitalization is meant to restore the optimal, physiological conditions of the skin, which will stimulate the skin cell activity and production of both the natural hyaluronic acid, and other skin cell matrix components.

The hyaluronic acid administered binds water molecules (1 HA molecule binds from 200 to 500 water molecules, i.e. 1000x more than the hyaluronic acid weight). Hyaluronic acid fills the free space between skin cells, and its natural property of binding big amounts of water ensures the right hydration level of skin tissues and their elasticity. Hyaluronic acid is administered linearly, i.e. alongside the wrinkles, using the bubble method, where the bubbles are visible, and remain under the skin for a few days after the treatment, although sometimes, although sometimes they can get absorbed even after 24h).

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