EpilFree Treatment is a permanent depilation treatment, which is an alternative to the laser depilation treatment. The EpilFree system is an innovative, professional, and scientifically proven method of permanent hair depilation, based on a combination of plant-derived ingredients that effectively slow down the re-growth of hair in the areas where the treatment has been performed, but also make that hair thinner. The patented formula has been developed on the basis of scientific research in the area of cell division, and scientific experiments carried out by the world-famous scientist, Dr Konis.

The EpilFree treatment reduces the amount of the undesired hair by 80%, weakening and slowing down the hair re-growth. What makes the EpilFree treatment exceptional is that it is 100% effective against any kind of hair (blond, red, gray) and for any kind of skin. The treatment handles perfectly well with light and dark hair, such as bristle, also in patients with a dark skin tone, or those who like to sun bathe, in which cases other forms of depilation don’t do their job. EpilFree is a completely safe hair depilation method, which doesn’t cause any discoloration and side effects, such as stinging, blisters, or burning.

Treatment description:

Right after the wax depilation, when the follicles are open and deprived of hair, applied are 2 EpilFree products: The activator, which spreads the follicles 4 times for better a better penetration, and then the toner, the active components of which effectively decrease the cell proliferation through the limitation of the hair cell division. Depending on the size of the area the treatment is applied to, the depilation process can take from 5 to 8 minutes. The application of EpilFree is completely safe (except for the mechanical hair depilation with wax use).

How often should you undergo the treatment?

It is recommended to undergo from 2 to 10 treatment session, when the customer is satisfied with the end result. The result is noticeable after the very first treatment session, and thanks to every successive session your body has less and less hair, and it takes longer for the removed hair to re-grow. The intensity of how of how often the treatment is repeated depends on the hair re-growth speed, and the time for a successive treatment session comes when the hair becomes from 2.5 to 5mm long. As there are no contraindications to sun bathing prior to and before the treatment, the treatment can be performed all around the year.

Contraindications to the treatment:
– Pregnancy and breast feeding.

A sun bathed skin is NOT a contraindication to the EpilFree treatment.
What you need to follow for the end results to be optimal:
Prior to and up to 6h after the treatment, you must not apply any creams, balms, or oils to the body areas the treatment was applied to. In case of the armpit area depilation, you must not apply any antiperspirant for a 24h period prior the treatment. You should avoid washing and excessive sweating (e.g. physical effort) of the treated area for 6h after the treatment.

You should undergo the treatment regularly. Sticking to your treatment plan will make the depilation more effective. You should avoid using tweezers and wax between the treatment sessions, so that the hair re-growth phases can be followed accurately.

Ewa Jóźko
Manager, Salon Piękności CH Arkadia

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