WATERMASS – Hyaluronic Acid Biorevitalization

Water Mass is a hi-tech equipment that employs a roller-rotation endermologic massage in a wet environment. The WATERMASS instantly slims down and shapes your silhouette, eliminates the cellulite, and improves the skin blood circulation, thanks to which the skin becomes supple and immaculately smooth. The treatment results are supported by the use of a brine and special essential oils. Thanks to this treatment, the fat tissue is stimulated to burn, and that includes localized burning, even there where it is extremely hard to get rid of the undesired fat. An extra advantage of the treatment is the lymphatic drainage, i.e. the lymph circulation improvement.

In addition, just like every other massage, the treatment makes you feel relaxed, alleviates your pain and muscle tension, as well strengthens and elasticizes your skin. Thanks to the treatment, you will not only become slimmer, but also friendly, with a positive attitude to life.